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Hey There,

As you should know by now, I'm Lucy! A wedding photographer born and raised in Poole, Dorset, which is pretty fortunate as I adore the coast. I do also cover the surrounding areas of Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon, as why wouldn't I when they're just as beautiful as Dorset?! I live with my long time boyfriend Jordhan and I'd say we're a pretty good match due to our huge love to travel, yes I'm one of those travel nuts!


Photography has always been a passion of mine, I still remember my first pink Barbie film camera, now I'm lucky enough to be able to live the dream job I always wanted! After 2 years of Photography A Levels I came out with an A and couldn't decide on whether or not I should do a degree or jump straight in, so I decided to do a Foundation degree at AUB. After finishing there I knew I'd made my choice, why not dive right in to trying to start a business and see where it takes me. From 2016 to 2018, alongside my full time job, I began shooting mainly families, newborns and maternity until 2018 when I got my first opportunity to shoot 3 weddings. Then onwards I got my first official bookings for 2019, with 2020 going to be my big year! Well, everyone knows what happened there, so once I lost my job because of Covid I decided again to take a leap and in April 2021 Lucy Farrant Photography became an official business, and I haven't looked back!


"We will be forever grateful that she was able to deliver more than our expectations ever allowed us to dream of!" - Sal & Lins

Lucy Farrant Photography

A decent photo of me and Jordhan!

BTS on a styled shoot

Still want to know more?

  • Travelling brings me so much joy, my two favourite locations so far are Vietnam & New Zealand.

  • Even though I don't have my own kids I adore my two nieces and nephew!

  • I love a good movie, whether it's a classic or a super cheesy rom-com, I'll watch it. Much to Jordhan's disliking!

    • Most Disney songs are embedded in my brain and I'm not ashamed!​

  • Food is a dangerous obsession - I often joke about you could easily pay me in ice cream (sometimes I question if its a joke!)​

  • I'm obsessed with animals, particularly elephants, I'm sure my parents are still a little shocked I never went in that career direction.

  • Whilst editing I tend to have true crime on in the background - go check out Eleanor Neale on Youtube, she's the best!

  • I love jewellery, particularly pieces with precious stones.

  • I adore flowers, sunflowers are my special touch for my grandad.

  • I do (did due to Covid) aerial sports, and love being on the hoop.

  • If you try and get me to drink at your wedding I'll always decline, I'm such a lightweight and get ridiculously sleepy!

DSC_0164_websize (1).jpg

One of my favourite shots from Vietnam


BTS after couple photos on a wedding day.

Whether you're thinking of booking me for your wedding or just some family photos, these are your precious memories and I believe it's always best to know who you're hiring! I'd love to know about you and have a chat beforehand it's one of my favourite things about my job, getting to know new people and have some fun and laughter. So why not get in touch and we can have a chat before taking a wonderful journey together.

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